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Good Day. My name is Maxscene. Chasing up the colon (i like the sound of that) are lists of my favorite and least favorite films(cinematic endeavors, travesties???). Bear in mind none of this is premeditated so if my descriptions and reasoning seems a bit subpar, I apologize whole-heartedly:

1.) Jean Luc Godard's Band Of Outsiders- There's something so poignant and whistful about the narrative...something glum and peaceful. The strings of Rimbaud poetry, the strange dynamic between Odile, Franz and Arthur, the ominous skies, the heavy-hearted joys, the absurdity of love, the futility of's perfect.

2.) Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal- This is by far my favorite film. After the end credits I curled up and cried for countless hours. I felt between the relations, I knew that fear, that loneliness, that horror. I hate having to delve into the WHYs because somehow it cheapens it. The music, the lighting, Max Von Sydow's eyes, Josef's childishness, and Death Unknowing...I love Ingmar Bergman's work...his ability to articulate fragility and remorse. His characters bear themselves, relive their sins, call out to the irrational for painfully aware of an end.

3.)David Lynch's Blue Velvet- As with most productions Lynch, what's startling is the contrast between chaste surface and seedy underbelly. It's like a dream, with everything and everyone slightly off-kilter. You have savage brutality and perversion(see Frank)mixed with torturously beautiful and simple melodies. The abstraction of sex and pain, voyeurism and exhibitionism melding, the sickness of fantasy come alive. And on top of all that, there's a twisted grinning humor, a sardonic taint, an ironic flare. Each scene is a vision, a snap shot, a painting that could stand on its own and evoke desperate imaginings. The bright daylights drain themselves into sordid nights. And the happy ending is questionable.

4.)Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters- This may not be one of my favorite movies but it keeps coming to mind. If only for the line "If Jesus came back and saw what was going on in His name, he'd never stop throwing up." How I laughed. The weavings of infidelity and guilt, Micheal Cane's uncanny portrayal of a spineless cad (notice all of my sentences are incomplete)and certainly the dialogue make this picture memorable. Zelig was wonderful in it's own way...I like Woody Allen, I don't care what anyone says.

5.)MMMMMMM, URRRRRMMMMMMM, well it's pretty typical but I'd have to say Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver- Why you ask? For one I saw it at a very young age and was enthralled. Robert DeNiro is so believable, so easy to relate to...a moral murderer? It definately betrays convention. The ending is so bittersweet. I can't bear all the parodies and comic references...
The actor/director dynamic has always worked for me. The King of Comedy, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Mean Streets...they've all worked for me.

As for movies I failed to enjoy....FUCK...uhhh:

Most modern day blockbusters have me cursing the screen, shaking my fist and mouring over the millions spent to cultivate such garbage. Action Films, Disaster Films, "Comedies," If you can call them that. To name a few:

Resident Evil, Meet the Parents, Triple X, Analyze This...there's nothing to them. For the dramas, no depth of character, a storyline that's been shoved down our throats time and time again, a forced romance, a scantily clad dame...usually we see protagonist going about his everyday life, then he meets big bad situation which he is forced to deal with, he loses everything and gains a lover, comes out stronger and we end with him tending his garden or rubbing his wife's swollen belly. The comedies are all sophmoric and utterly unwatchable. I'm not even slightly amused....EVER. Robert De Niro in such drivvle makes me want to cry. It's like Christopher Walken in Kangaroo Jack. A very sad affair. Horror films are much the same...not enough gore if you ask me. If I'm going for cheap entertainment I want gallons of blood, continuous dismemberment and sex that ends in death. That is if I can't have a psycological thriller.

So enough of me for the now. I hope you approve.
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