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An intelligent film list rating community

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Anybody , Moderated
This is a film rating community.

Many rating communities are based upon a simple list and if your list is cool and obscure enough, but not too cool or obscure you get in. If not you don't. No care to why your choices are agreed with or not, just "y/n" sometimes with lots of insults thrown in. Although it may be fun to insult the less than hip, or those who may be dubbed as sheep... there is no real value in that. For anyone.

The rules for this community are simple:

1. Post a list of your five favorite movies.
1a. Explain why as objectively as you can what it is in these movies that you relate to/love so.
2. Post a list of your two least favorite movies.
2a. Explain why, as objectively as you can that you hate these movies so.
3. Do not post on threads you did not start unless you have been approved to join.

Our Philosophy:
There is no value in rarity, just because something is obscure or because you are the only person who likes it, does not make it good.
Any given work of art is infinite, consequently one could spend an entire lifetime attempting to learn a single piece, yet still be enlightened by another's perception of the same work.
Perception is everything.

Make us see something new or something old in a new way.
Be prepared to defend and expand your ideas.
Don't plagiarize, do a google/imdb search on your idea before you share your epiphany with us.
Doesn't matter if your favorite movie is "The Real Cancun" or you hate "Citizen Kane" just refer to the above hint.

Rating is merely used as a criteria of the reviewers, we are looking for people that like what they like, know why they like it, and are able to express these likes and dislikes.

PS. People seem to really enjoy communities where their tastes, thoughts, appearance, whatever are ruthlessly ripped to shreds. If this is the type of reponse you seek, just let us know. ;)
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